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We deal with most of the popular brands of vape kits including the brands like Suorin drop pads, suorin Air, Bo Cap and ply-rock pulse that can add to your love and experience of vaping.


Suorin Drop Pods


These pods are designed to fit in one per package Suorin drop. You need to have multiple ods to get a quick and easy swap for your flavour at anytime and anywhere. These are designed with two separate fill chambers so that you could have two flavours at a single time with a single pod.


Suorin Air


It is the two-piece pod system that can give you a great vaping experience. This pod system has minimal controls and inbuilt battery at the bottom with the reservoir on the top for vape juice and one coil to heat it for vaping. This two-piece pod system act as both tank and replacement coil in one piece.


BO VAPE – Caps


BO vape caps are made from premium ingredients that have authentic and satisfying flavours. These caps hold 1.5ml of liquid means double than the other similar brands even these are perfect caps to enjoy nicotine salt throat hit.


PlyRock – Pulse


It is the robust and ultra-portable pod system that allows the vaping lovers to vape out their favourite e-liquid. These pods have a slim, sleek, compact and portable design to enhance your experience of vaping