Vape tricks to keep coil wicks safe from burning out
Vape tricks to keep coil wicks safe from burning out


Vaping has a range of products, if you are new to vaping and don’t have proper knowledge about vaping products, then you have to seek help from professionals. As they have a great deal of knowledge about everything related to vaping products. Or you can get information from this article.

Every single vaper is different, so you stop comparing you to anyone. Even though everyone enjoys vaping, and everyone vaping in a lot of different ways. So, if you are new to vaping, then you have to understand what to do or how to buy the best vaping product because some vapour starts from stylish pens, or pods systems too whereas several vapors want to go with e-cigarettes.

If you are new to vaping and want to buy the vaping product, then you have to get help from a vape shop owner, he will tell you what to do and how to find the best vaping product for better enjoyment. We know that you will not be able to tell when your coil is burnt. This only happens when you are trying vaping the first time. To get information about this, you must read this article.

Coil versus wick Distinction

Don’t get confused, because the coil is completely different from wick distinction. Let’s try to understand them in detail. Coil is explained as a cylindrical metal object which is screwed into a pen. This is the main part of the vaping product which has the responsibility to heats e-liquid and then turns it into vapour.

Whereas, wicks are explained as a component which is found inside the coil. According to the owner of a vape store, you have to go with replacement, if you find wick or coil burns out.

Here are certain tips that will help you to reduce the risk of coil burning out.

Watch the e-liquid level

To reduce the risk of coil burns out, you need to watch out liquid level regularly. Well, the vaping of e-liquid depends on the coil design, which also tells you how much e-liquid you vape in a single sitting. If the levels of e-liquid are decreased then, you have to watch the surface level. For this, you have to go with the best e-liquid as well as coil, which can give you the best throat hit.

Turn down the temperature

If you find that your coil ages, then you have to turn down the temperature immediately. It will help you to reduce the risk of coil burning.

There are several other tips to keep coil wicks safe. These are-:

  • Don’t chain, you must vape your wick dry.
  • You must prime your wick before vaping
  • You must avoid to fore a dry cotton wick.