Vaping Has Helped Millions To Quit Smoking
Vaping Has Helped Millions To Quit Smoking


Vaping not only gives wonderful experience but also help smokers to quit cigs. Reports have claimed that in the last 6 years more than 1.6 millions of smokers have quit smoking only due to vaping.  The number of new vape users has kicked off their smoking habit for the sake of vaping only.

The great drop in smokers and their switching in e-cig is only due to the pro-vaping government with its national health service. If we talk about numbers then according to the report published in national statistics 6.1 million out of which 15 % of adults were using tobacco last year but the number was 7.7 million or 20% of adults in 2011. In the opposite side, there has been noticed the great increase in the number of vape users who have quit smoking for vaping.

According to health officials, there has been noticed the great drop in the number of smokers in five years as they are switching to vaping. It means vaping helping us to win the war against tobacco consumption.

If we talk about different countries then reports revealed that in Wales the smoking rate is dropped from 16.9 to 16.1 in one year. In England, the number of smokers was 7.7 and it dropped down to 6.1 million in 2017.

In Scotland, more than 40,000 people quit smoking for vaping. In the Northern Ireland dropping rate has been noticed from 18.1 to 16.5 per cent.  It means vaping is helping the governments to make their nations smoking free as the number of people enjoying vaping rather than smoking.

The trend of vaping has made the local areas to encourage it all around so that smoking habit can be eliminated from the people. A trend of E-cigs is over smoking is going one way and this trend has even put tobacco companies in worries but it is great to hope for the governments as they can discourage smoking buy encouraging vaping.

An inclination of people in vaping is due to its great experience and unique flavours. In the market there are various vaping products are available with different flavours and tastes that are giving the wonderful experience to its users.

People who were previously having urged for smoking are now craving for juicy, creamy cool sensational taste of vaping which is offered by various brands of vaping with the perfect blend of fruits and flavours. Flavour and taste of vaping is the prime reason for an increase in the number of people who are switching from smoking to vaping.