Vaping has caught on in the modern world. It is officially referred to as the art of smoking through electronic devices. It is considered to be the latest fad among the trendy smokers of the current generation. The devices are readily available at many stores or they can be availed online. They come in various flavors and sizes according to the preference of the users. A whole range of vaping equipment and various options are shown on various websites. It is considered to be the new way of kicking the habit of smoking. By switching over to this way of smoking, the user can take a step forward towards quitting the habit which is absolutely devastating for health. With the rising statistics about deaths related to smoking-induced cancers and diseases caused due to it, nearly 70%of the smokers want to quit the habit. It’s not a surprise that most of the smokers are unhappy with their habit as first hand and second-hand smoking is accountable for many deaths across the world.

Vaping: Gateway To Quitting Smoking

If you are in the 70,% who want to quit smoking, you are in for luck.E-cigarettes or vaping is the new charming way to ditch the cancer stick and ensure a smoke-free life. While the regular cigarette contains about 7000 toxic chemicals which put you on the death row, vapes contain comparatively lesser toxins.

Another advantage it has is that unlike smoking, vaping is more acceptable in offices and commercial enterprises and people are becoming more tolerant of it. Some states have special laws regarding vapers. Many look down upon it as harmful as smoking and don’t deem it fit for the cessation of smoking.But if data from various researches is anything to go by, there are mixed reports about each school of thought. Some see it as a positive step towards cessation while some argue that smoking or vaping, both are equally harmful and one needs to steer clear of both. While the regulatory authorities seem to be hell-bent on the opinion that vaping is just another form of smoking, not more, not less, many testimonials seem to convey that many people have quit smoking with the help of vaping.

All said and done, vaping is a step away from smoking traditionally and a step forward to the process of quitting. The willpower of the concerned person and the situation that encourages him to give in to his temptation also plays a significant role in the process.

Statistics reveal the people who want to quit smoking, once they switch to vaping are bound to achieve complete cessation after a period of 12 months.