Signs of a expired Vape coil
Signs of a expired Vape coil


For vapers, making sure vape coil function properly is very important. The coil heats the e-liquid which produces vapor and gives you the best throat hit. So, you should not ignore the signs that the coil needs to be replaced. In this guide, we have mentioned the signs of an expired vape coil.

Regardless, if you are vaping for the first time or you are a pro at it, there comes a time you need to replace the vape coil. The vape coil is responsible for heating the e-juice and then it turns into the vapor.

In some cases, it is very obvious to change the vape coil but at times you might not realize it. When you buy the vape coil from the best vape shop it will help to increase the lifespan of the vape and give you the best vaping experience.

Unpleasant burnt taste

One of the biggest signs is that you get an unpleasant burnt taste when you inhale. This sensation will completely affect the flavor of the e-juice and leave a burnt taste in the mouth. It is a major sign that you need to swap the coil straight away.

Dirty vape coil 

In some cases, the burnt sensation is due to dirty coils which are due to e-juice getting clogged. This happens when you use a thick liquid with high VG content. So, in that case, you need to remove the coil and put a new one.

Over-saturated coil 

If you notice the e-juice leaking onto the mouth or on the device then it means you need to buy a new vape coil. The wicking material of the old coil will get flooded with e-juice. Also, it will make it difficult for the liquid to vaporize properly. This will make the e-juice leak from the coil air holes.

Problem of vaper’s tongue

Another obvious sign of the vape coil change is that you are not able to taste the flavor like you used to. This is referred to as a vaper’s tongue which means losing the ability to taste the e-juice because of vaping too often. However, the vaper’s tongue will make the e-juice lose its flavor instead of giving an unpleasant taste.

Should I check the vape device?

If you notice gurgling sound then you might need to change the vape coil. This happens due to vape devices being very old or use of thick e-juice.

However, even after replacing the coil the gurgling continues then there is some issue with the device mechanism.

What is the lifespan of the coil?

For Heavy vape users: 5 to 7 days

For Moderate Vape users: 2 weeks

For Light Vape users: Longer than 2 weeks

It is best to be aware of the possible signs to swap the vape coil and maintain the longevity of the e-cigarette. For more information, you can contact our vaping experts.