E-Cigarettes and vaping were basically introduced as a perfect substitute of smoking so that people can quit tobacco based cigarettes and can prefer the e-cigarettes for their best health and enjoyment, but there is important to know whether vaping or e-cigarette is good for health or not?

Is vaping good for health?

E-Cigarettes and vaping devices are battery operated devices that work on the principle of heating and steaming the vapors that the vaping users can inhale to get a great experience. There are various options in vaping as there are different flavors of the vapors that the users can choose according to their taste buds but there is also one more choice to do between the nicotine and non nicotine solution for the preferred experience of vaping as the former smokers sometimes have craving for throat hit so they choose the nicotine solutions for vaping.

Now if we talk about the health then regular cigarettes contain the high level of nicotine and many chemicals which are toxic and harmful for the health but if we talk about the e-cigarettes then there is not any use of these harmful chemicals so there is not much risk of bad effects of vaping for health, however, some studies reveal the long-term adverse effects of vaping.

As some studies claim that there can be harmful effects of vaping in long-term as vaping liquids contain nicotine and the regular intake of nicotine can increase the blood pressure and heart rate so there can be an increased risk of heart attack in the long term.

Moreover, users also become addictive for the nicotine-containing vaping liquids same as the addiction to heroin and cocaine which can be harmful to the health. Being so addictive it can be difficult for the person to quit vaping and if the person tries to quit vaping then its withdrawal symptoms can raise the craving and can affect adversely to the brain development of adolescents and can create concentration difficulties for them.

Even the experts also say that vaping could be dangerous for the respiratory system and can become the reason for a cough, wheezing, and asthma. Thus vaping can be less dangerous than smoking and even can give a similar experience to the smokers but it is also not safe in the long run. Even as it is generally said that excess of everything is bad so excess vaping can also be bad for the health.