What is Stealth vape and how to do it
What is Stealth vape and how to do it


Most people do not know the difference between smoking and vaping, that’s why they treat vapor similarly as a regular smoker. Well, there is one new product available in the market known as stealth vape, which does not produce puff and clouds. So, you can simply enjoy the vaping even in public places.

Some vapers love their huge MODs that produce the thickest cloud. It may be enjoyable for you to vape, But not everyone loves it. And not everyone knows the difference between vaping and smoking, so that’s why they do not like a person who vapes around them. There is one advanced technique available for those who love vaping is stealth vaping. Let’s understand what is stealth vaping.

What is stealth vaping?

Stealth vaping is explained as an act of vaping in a well-mannered because this produces only a little amount of puff. This is specially designed for those who are regular vapors and also love to vape during their travel. And the puff which is unnoticeable, and this type of vaping is known as stealth vaping. You can simply buy the stealth vaping products from our vape shop because we are dealing with each and every type of vaping products.

In order to get more information about this type of vaping product, you must talk to the pod shop owner, because he knows each and everything in detail. And he may tell you something different in order to use stealth vape.

Here are some important points you should keep in mind if you are going to enjoy the stealth vape.

Choose a smaller vape device

If you want to enjoy stealth vaping then you must choose the smaller vape device so that you can simply carry them while traveling. You will easily find the small vaping products along with Juul pod in the market. You can also go with a vape pen because these are easy to carry with you.

Use Subtle flavor

Some people prefer to use flavor like menthol or tobacco. No doubt, they all smell so you might think they contain harmful chemicals.  You might want to enjoy these flavors in your own time so you will prefer using the flavors like vanilla, cherry, or citrus as they won’t be noticed by everyone. People might think that the scent is coming from a different product rather than the vaping device.

Act normal

If you love to vape and do not want to reveal that you are vaping. Then you must act like a normal person so that no one can judge you that you are vaping. You can also choose the flavor according to your taste so that you can simply enjoy the vaping.