What is Steep E Liquid and how to do it
What is Steep E Liquid and how to do it


In the world of vaping steeping is considered very misleading term. Normally this means putting solid in water to make it soft or extracting its flavor. Whereas in case of vaping this is pretty different it means aging the e-juice so that it can taste better. Well, there are different ways to do it, let’s know about them in detail.

The world of vaping is becoming huge as its demand is continuously rising. In some cases, for managing the e-cigarettes nicotine intake need to be kept in mind. Whereas for some people it’s everything about the e-liquid flavours. E-juice gives a similar taste as that of jelly beans. So, to get deeper and stronger flavour this trick the best option is steeping. This is helpful as this helps in increasing the e-liquids flavour intensity. By keeping the e-juice for a long time the VG and PG blend perfectly. This will help in giving depper flavour and this will make the e-liquid to turn dark brown color.

What does Steeping E-liquid actually help in?

Before putting the e-juice in the tank it helps in flavour to rest. Allowing the e-juice to sit will make it blend and mix properly. This way it will give it time to oxidise, which helps in killing the alcohol presence and this gives a smooth taste.

Just make sure when you buy the vaping device it should be bought from the best vape shop.

Does Steeping takes long time?

This can take time and you need to keep patience. This will definitely give you the best flavor which you are looking for but you need to keep faith. The longer you wait the better will be e-juice flavor and this will give a slightly darker hue. At the longest people usually wait for 3 to 4 weeks.

Also, you should never steep the e-juice past its expiry date. So, while buying it from vape store you should check the date. If you notice small and dark flecks at bottom then they not ideal to use. It might taste great but it won’t give you best vaping experience.

Various methods of Steeping E-liquid

  • Take the e-liquid bottle and keep it in sealed plastic bag. Fill the sink with warm water and put the bag in it. Once the water is cool take out the bag and then remove the cap from the bottle. Shake it properly so that everything is mixed properly.
  • For a few weeks, keep the e-juice in dark cupboard. You should open the bottle occasionally to recycle the gas as this will speed up the oxidation process.
  • Fill a container with warm water (couple of inches) so that e-juice bottle is half-submerged and with caps off. Once the water is cool remove the bottle and shake it properly. You can repeat this as many times as you like.