Why Does Box mod Auto Fires and how to fix it
Why Does Box mod Auto Fires and how to fix it


With vaping one thing which can be quite difficult to deal with is auto firing. Moreover, if you do not get it checked then it can be quite dangerous. Even if you have not dealt with this, knowing the signs and the causes will help you the problem with ease. Read the given topic to know more about the auto firing.

What is auto-firing?

The term auto-firing means the vaporizer which is being fired but without the need of pressing the power button. At times, the device is stored in the packet, drawer, or purse even though the device is not in your reach.

Why auto-firing is not considered safe?

You might be guessing that getting the vaporizer firing even without your control is not a good idea. If the device is being operated without your control then this is a matter of concern. Same goes for the vaping device as they are designed to generate a certain amount of heat.

You might not have thought that dealing with a small metal or plastic box can become a nightmare. The auto-firing can continue until it gets to the explosion point. This might lead to fire and injuries. So, make sure you do not neglect this factor easily.

If you are planning to buy a vaping kit then make sure you get the device from the best vape store.

What is the way to fix the auto-firing vaping device?

If are interested in doing troubleshooting, then you might be interested in knowing what is the reason for the auto firing. With a few repairs, it is possible that the problem is solved. By making a few changes the problem of auto-firing will be solved:

  • If you have just bought your first vaping device from the vape mod shop then safety is very essential as you are not aware of the device properly.
  • If you do not have the right type of tool then make sure to seek the help of the professionals from our vape shop as they will give you all the required information.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with troubleshooting then remove the batteries and vape tank so that you can tackle the problem easily.
  • The device batteries should be replaced, sometimes just replacing the battery can fix your issue.
  • Auto firing can occur because of a fried chip or switch. If you can dismantle the device and able to see the signs of damage then get it fixed.
  • Even if you think the issue is fixed you must remove the batteries and store it somewhere safe when it is not being used.

Just make sure you search for the right type of vaping device to get an enjoyable vaping experience which needs to be safe also.