Wrong use of vape Battery could lead to potential explosions or fire
Wrong use of vape Battery could lead to potential explosions or fire


Vaping devices have become very popular among adults and youngsters. No doubt, the market is filled with different vaping products with various styles, size, shape, and use. But, yes it is important to use them safely. In this guide, we will let you know how the wrong use of vape battery can lead to danger.

If you are a vaper, then it is vital to understand the situation where the vaping device can catch fire or where the risk is greatest. The biggest thing is to remember that e-cigarettes will not catch fire on their own.

Vape and e-cig users are always warned by the government to use the charging devices or batteries which are recommended by manufacturers to avoid the potential situation of an accident. Additionally, always buy the best and top-quality product from the vape store.

Most important factors to keep in mind

  • Quality of the device components
  • How to maintain the equipment?

What if you do not take proper care?

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute and Office for Product Safety and Standards always recommend that if proper measures are not taken then it can lead to explosions or cause a fire.

In the past few years, it has been seen that smoking-related fire news has increased a lot. The problem arises when you do not buy the best vape product or device from the vape shop. All over the world various campaigns are held which help to know about the series of the incident which leads to catching fire. In this campaign, the incident of one device getting exploded was including in which teenage teeth were shattered,

Another incident happened in Florida when the vape exploded and gave the person 80 percent body burns.

Well, various studies are done to find out the reason. The vape device has batteries that have a specific voltage. When a consumer buys the vape device they must be careful about the voltage. Additionally, the user must use the charger which they get with the device.

Taking safety measures is Essential

Mark Gardiner, Product safety lead officer said, “Various reports have been there regarding the hazardous situation when other batteries are used instead of the particular one. Using them can lead to injury and even death.”

He also added, “When the products are supplied the battery is present along with it. Also, the battery management safety system is added for safe charging as well as discharging.”

The manufacturers always recommend that wrong use of batteries create problems. So it is essential to use the one which the manufacturer provides or use the one which is perfect for the vape device. If you are planning to replace it then make sure to check if it is safe.

If you have any doubt, then make sure to talk to the shop owner and get a reliable product.